I THINK she has a boyfriends but she flirts with me, this is long but please bare with me?

So I asked a question earlier on if a girl liked me and here is the reasons why.

So a few weeks ago I met this very beautiful girl at a party and we seemed to hit it off well.

Just this past week I had being hanging out with my friends at the main hangout house and had seen her about 4 more times throughout the week. Anyway at first before any drinking started she had sat down beside me on the couch and we were touching and she didn't seem to be bothered. I had noticed she even started leaning towards me like her legs pointing towards me and her feet to. We then later me her and a bunch of friends went to a couple clubs. We did walk arm in arm up to these clubs to. She does smoke along with all my friends, so I joined them outside at both clubs as they smoked and everyone went inside leaving her by herself and she asked me to stay outside to keep her company.

The next day after the party I was at my friends house and she came over without her usual friends that she usually comes over with. I thought nothing of this, but later realized she has never done that before and has always come with her other friends, she knew I was there so that made me think she came over just to see me.

A couple days later she came over for another party. We were all at a bar before, and I hadn't talked to her at the bar because she was chatting with other friends of whom I didn't know. When the party came back to the house she walked up to me and asked why I hadn't talked to her yet tonight. I just gave her a hug ( I had already started drinking) Throughout the night I had a few times but my arm around her shoulder and she would put her arm around my waist, or she would come up and initiate it by putting her arm around me first. Later on that night she was behind me and she actually wrapped both her arms around my waist and was holding me. The same night we were all outside smoking and when she finished told me that we should go inside because she was cold. Both at this party and at the clubs we did allot of dancing together to.

Both at the clubs and the last party she would tell me about her shirt, and how her pants make her butt look nice, even talking to her friend about her breasts while I was standing there. I would often catch her looking at me to.

I know lots of people get real touchy when they are drinking but she was only doing this with me and no other guy there at any of the parties, even guys she has known longer and who I must admit are also attractive.

So anyway I later added her to facebook, and seen that she had a relationship status of single. She then later had a post on her wall from a guy saying I love you babe. I don't know if these two are just good friends, or for some reason she doesn't want to change her relationship status even though it is possible they have been together for a while.

What do you think is up? what should I do?

I THINK she has a boyfriends but she flirts with me, this is long but please bare with me?
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