Christian guy and get no attention from girls.

I'm a religious person, come from a really great family, and I was raised to be very strong willed and to uphold what I believe. I went to a public school and was cool with a lot of people, but never really hung out or partied with peers. I'm not into partying. I'm all for having a good time, but not getting stupid at an underage party.

many people say that I'm good looking and smart, and I've been wanting to share my life with an amazing girl, but I've never even kissed or have dated any girl. I've had a handful of girls over the years express interest in me, but they weren't right for me. but any girl I have an interest in, is either more into partying (which if she's responsible, I don't mind) but I feel that girls only want a guy that parties too :/

but I have strong beliefs and I feel that in this crazy world it does more harm than good in terms of dating. I know I'm a great guy, but why do the girls I want see me as so unattractive? at least it seems that way. seems like everyone is out trying to fit in and be cool, but I couldn't care less as long as people respect me and feel that I'm a cool person while simply being me. why can't I find the right girl? I feel so lonely as I get older and still haven't even been on a date or have even had my first kiss.

i think it has to do with my christian upbringing. and then on top of it all, all girls ever want to be with is classless, guys that don't truly respect the girl they're with or women in general. I really want to find a girl I can fall in love with and thati find gorgeous and has a great personality and all that good stuff, but also has strong values like myself. what can I do to attract that kind of girl? because the cute girls obviously don't notice me much at the time being? thanks!
Christian guy and get no attention from girls.
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