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Mixed signals from this woman, advice?

I’ve got to know this woman who is a mutual friend of all my friend’s, She helped me out last Dec in a bad point after my breakup with my last partner. We chatted, texted and FB chatted a lot then back in Feb she came on to me. We are both single and she said why not. We met on Valentine's night went out for a few or more drinks and things happened that night. We had been getting along great, share a lot in common always had a laugh.

I took her to a show in March and after we went out again and things yet again happened, 2 days later she tells me she is in love with another man that isn’t interested in her like that. I was shocked by it because as far as I know there was no one else, if I had known nothing would have happened because I would have wanted to avoid exactly what had happened. When she told me we was at a friend’s house and I left quiet quickly. The next day I sent some texts while I was still drunk which I deeply regret sending, I had also been told something by the people that were left there that I was not impressed by but I believe these things were not completely true as the person that told me I believe fancies me but the feelings are not mutual towards her and I just see her as a friend

A few weeks after it happened and not speaking to her I texted her to say sorry for my part in it all and that I would like to be friends. After a long discussion she agreed to be friends again and since then we have been chatting like nothing had happened.

She came back off holiday Sunday just gone and texted me as soon as she was back and said she was going to the pub. She invited me down to join her to which I said yes. We had a wicked time like we had previous times, played some pool had long chats both said sorry for our parts she was also very flirty. While there she tells me she is scared but I didn’t question her on this and now regret not doing so at the time as I’m now too scared to ask her what she meant. The time came for the pub to close so I walked her home but before she went in we had a cuddle that led to a passionate kiss which lasted for quite a while.

The next couple of days we texted and chatted but the past couple of days she has been quite withdrawn with her text’s and chatting and today not at all. Is this a play hard to get tactic she is using?

I’m confused by it all as I didn’t want anything to happen after going to the pub I just wanted to be friends but things just happened. I don’t believe that she doesn’t like me in that way or otherwise she wouldn’t have started things or invited me down the pub after what had happened before hand.

I can be just friends with her but she has started everything not me.

Any advice would be great.

Mixed signals from this woman, advice?
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