How do I regain his attention?

It's kind of complicated. This guy that I hooked up with started liking me. I flirted with him and always pretended to like him. My friends (which are great friends with him too) knew that I didn't like him and eventually, the word got to him that I didn't like him. I realized as soon as he found out about me "not" liking him, I started to like him! He thinks that I don't like him, and now he doesn't talk to me as often. I don't want him to forget about me. How could I possibly regain his attention without seeming desperate? I still want to be in control of the situation!


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  • Id say your first issue is you don't seem to really want this guy you just want his attention.. And are only upset because your not getting what you want anymore...

    But this could be caused by two reasons

    1.. You have in issue and want all the attention

    2.. You did acually liked this guy from the start and your just realising it cause you thought he wouldn't leave you and he did..

    First off you need to find out which one it is... If you don't know why should he even try to know

    If by chance you really do like this guy.. There is really one course of action.. And yes its going to put you on the spot...

    Basicly you need to get him alone.. And being really serious.. Really Really serious.. You need to tell him you do like him... Not that your friends made a mistake and he found out but theyer lieing but that you didn't know you liked him untell after he found out..

    Be truthful... Right now he can't trust a word you say.. So you must say the whole truth so he might catch something of it.. Remember you lead him on and he feels like you just pushed him down... so now you must humble yourself down to him.. You could try to help him up from where you are now... But he can't trust the hand that pushed him.. So now get down on the ground to help..

    I know its hard but if you like this guy.. You must show him mercy


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  • The first issue I see is that you initially pretended to like him. Once he found out that you didn't I'm sure he felt betrayed. Now that your expressing real interest, I'm fairly sure that he doesn't believe that your sincere. In some ways you basically rejected him and I wouldn't blame him for not wanting to risk being rejected again.

    The most important step is admitting you made a mistake. When dealing with a guy it's less about explaining about how you feel or apologizing for the way you made him feel and more about presenting your reasons for your actions. It's also important to not try and justify your actions, only explain why you did what you did and let him know that you made a mistake. To maintain control, you may have to give up some of it.

    I'm generally a nice guy at heart and if you had done this to me it would take quite a lot of apologizing and I would have to be convinced that you were sincere before I even thought about giving you another shot.

  • Leave the poor bastard alone. Best case scenario, you haven't the foggiest idea what you want in a man, people deserve to be appreciated.

  • Spill the beans. Come clean and tell him how you feel.


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