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Why would my ex boyfriend ignore me?

OK, my ex boyfriend and I are really close and after an year of not being together he still calls, texts and say's he misses me. Ever since we broke up he would contact me once a month to see how I was doing and he had a girlfriend but he still called me. After some time he started telling me that he still thought of me all the time. This January on his birthday he called me and said he missed me and that I've been the only girl in his life that has treated him good and truly cared about him. He even said I was the only girl he saw as the future mother of his children. I was really close to his family too and he said his family missed me as well and that I was the best girl for him. He told me things I thought he would never say or felt. Of course he hasn't said I want you back but whenever he needs someone to talk to, he knows I'm there for him because I care so much about him when I shouldn't. I've made the mistake of being intimate with him again because we're not together. Right now I'm just so confused and I need advise as to what should I do because my ex say's one thing but he does another. I'm a smart girl but when it comes to him I make stupid decisions. After two years of this I just want to move on with my life but it's so hard to say goodbye. The pain just isn't worth it anymore. This last Saturday I saw him at the bar and he saw me and just looked at me, laughed and walked away. I couldn’t believe he would ignore me like that when just the night before he called me. I didn’t expect him to stay and chat but a simple hello would have been fine! The whole night he would spend his time staring at me and even his friends were checking me out. I don’t understand why he would tell me all these things and just ignore me like that when he spends time with me at my home. I just don’t get why in private he will talk to me but not out in public?
Why would my ex boyfriend ignore me?
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