How can I approach girls?

Ever since I was 14 years old now 20 I have been told to be patient to come across a girl I truly like who in return likes me too but it's never going to happen unfortunately. I have come across many girls that I find somewhat attractive yet I either dislike their personality or their high use of fake tan and make-up which seems to be a daily thing in the United Kingdom these days, OK a little is OK but the way the girls in the United Kingdom wear this stuff is atrociously un-attractive from my point of view anyhow.

I have been knocked back on countless occasions whenever I actually had the courage to go and speak to a girl I actually thought was kind of cute. I am in no way a stunning guy, I wouldn't even say I was a average looking guy but I just keep getting rejected and I have finally reached boiling point because I can't seem to find someone I like.

I lost my job about 5 months ago so I had no choice but to return to my mother's house. I had initially told her that it would only be temporarily until I managed to get back on my feet and find a new job but shortly after this was not the case because I have just got taken in by the whole idea of cheap accommodation and shut myself off from the world. I feel that I have been brought back to the 15 year old me where I very rarely went outside apart from education where I barely ever spoke to anyone because I was always considered the strange one in class, I wouldn't consider myself strange I just never had the opportunity to get involved with sports or music and was never asked to participate in anything.

I as a person as always felt that if I was approached by a girl or even a guy that I could bond with this person very quickly, but that was the thing in school and even in my job I was never approached to go out, hang out with someone or anything so I just got on with my studying/work.

When I first reached the legal age of 18 I started to go out into the local bars with my father whenever the football matches were on the big screen I found this highly entertaining, I spent some time with some of his older friends and himself and this was straight-forward I managed to meet these people through someone else and it was settled before I even managed to open my mouth because I was involved therefore I was very open, communicated very well with my father's friends and we got on like a house on fire. So I am not a shy person I just like to be approached instead of trying to get involved with other people's business as at least then I know I am wanted.

I have just never had any success with any girls that I have actually liked, I can't say there are that many but I just haven't had the chance to show anyone how bubbly I can be so I often don't even get a chance to say how are you? Before I basically get told to run along. I have never been asked out by a girl, I have never really had a full conversation with a girl and I just think it's entirely down to my ugliness. :( no idea what to do.
How can I approach girls?
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