When was your first crush, how did you feel?

I was in 6th grade so 11 yo.. all of sudden from having my girls only friends and considering seating beside a guy as a punishment, I started enjoying.. having guy friends.. I had my deskmate.. lets call him Chris.. we shared the common desk for around 2 years.. 5th and 6th grade.. and I dont know when I started crushing on him.. from hating him for his nasty pranks and funny swears, he started making me laugh.. and smile.. i started enjoying his company and then kept on praising about him to my sister and mother.. that was the first time my sister asked me "Is he your crush" and thats when I came to know about the term. I realised, i enjoyed him beside me.. being my friend.. supporting me, talking about homeworks.. or walking or passing time in free period.. it was nothing sexual.. i would say..

I just started putting more efforts in getting ready, like using cute hair pins, and hairdo's.. using a good deo, perfume.. etc etc.. I think i was seeking more of his attention
When was your first crush, how did you feel?
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