Is this older guy flirting with me?

He might be like this with other girls too, who knows? If he is actually flirting with me, that is. He's quite socially active and I'm wondering if he knows his way with the ladies too well.
I think he's attracted to me because I've seen him blush around me, he does old school gentleman gestures, stares at me a lot, involves me in events and seemed to remember me from the very beginning when we met. And I suspect he might be consciously flirting because he's started to stare while smiling (which comes off quite intense), really observes me during social events and seems very cautious around me, comes close to me, wants to look cool in front of me, notices and remembers little things about me, imitates my likes and tastes, gets nervous and has a soft look in his eyes. I can literally feel him staring at me at events, I try to not think of it, but I noticed that he yawns when I yawn and things like that.

Maybe though he's just flirting because it's fun and he likes me? He definitely seems to have an emotional investment in me, I noticed an unusual uproar in him whenever things are about me, he gets protective and sensitive. Maybe that's just a natural reaction though? But seriously, then he let's his touch linger for too long and I'm just not sure whether he intends to take it any further. He has started to grow on me but I want to have clarity and keep this uncomplicated.
Is this older guy flirting with me?
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