Best way to approach a stranger?

So today I crossed paths with a woman I fancied jogging at the park. We were doing the same loop so I passed her a few times & then ran into her in the parking lot. I could sort of tell by what she was doing/style/car that she seemed cool.

I worked up the courage to chat her up a bit, introduced myself & got her name she said she jogs there occasionally but that was about it. I told her I'd hopefully see her around next time.

It felt a little aggressive to ask for her number but in hindsight I should have asked if she wanted to grab a juice or something right then & there because now all I have is a name & HOPEFULLY an opportunity to run into her again.

I'm curious, ladies, how can a guy approach you as a total stranger without being creepy or over the top? Did I blow it or is this approach usually best?

If I run into her again I feel like asking for a number or suggesting coffee or something will feel much more natural but I may not see her again so part of me wishes I would have done more.


How should a guy go about approaching a total stranger?
Best way to approach a stranger?
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