Can I assume he likes me or just being relaxed with me?

We're friends for years now, but I really like him. We laugh and tease each other and flirt a lot for fun. We never touch. We stand so close to each other, when ever we have a chance, that our shoulders touch. Or our legs touch when we sit next to each orher when we're with a group of friends. Otherwise we never touch. Sometimes I pat him on the shoulder, but never touch him in any other way. Today I grabbed him by the wrist when he was teasing me over something and I felt he sort of relaxed his hand and allowed me to hold him until I let it loose (I did it once before and he did the same) and smiled.
He is kind of guy that pays attention to the way people behave around each other. For example once he told me he can't stand turned to face me because people might think something is going on between us, but now he face me a lot, looks me in the eyes and now this with the hand. If I know him by now, and I think I do I believe he would either tease me or tell me in any way if he thinks bad about it.
Can I assume he likes me or just being relaxed with me?
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