Is he interested in me?

Long story - a guy I work with told me he had a weird dream about me (told me this via text as he wasn’t in work) and when I seen him he said it was weird because it was ‘explicit’ and that’s all he said and how he described it.
we both have partners but we started work on the same day as a new job so we’ve always been quite close at work and have a laugh. He in general is a flirty person and quite the charmer. Because we’re friends there was a rumour going around work that we must’ve slept together or like each other... but we are just friends. He always makes flirty jokes and stuff but that’s his personality. I know a dream is a dream but does this mean he is into me? Help a girl out I have no idea. We’ve worked together for almost 2 years and the rumours are old news and haven’t been said much recently but he told me this the other day.
Is he interested in me?
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