Does my female internet friend like me?

We have known each other for many years, and i think she is giving me mixed signals. A while ago we would send each other voice messages all the time, she would compliment my voice, my intelligence, my laugh... She tells me to shut up when i joke about her being tired of talking to me, and when she does talk to me i can feel smth on her voice tone, like different. She mentioned that she would like to go camping wme someday, or travel w me. She always keeps me updated on her life. I know she is kinda shy and introvert, but w me, she is different. She sends me memes that have something to do with us. Right now we don’t talk that much because we’re both pretty busy with our jobs. In my case, how would you know without asking her and risking a good friendship?
P. S: I know that she is into girls too
1 y
She made me a whole song list when i just asked for one song, and she said she remembered my music taste. She shows interest in how i am feeling or what’s new in my life too.
Does my female internet friend like me?
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