Is this he attracted to me or what?

When we text he replies fast. He’s started to send me voice notes in some replies to messages I send him. He says my name a lot in messages and in person. We are still getting to know each other gradually as time goes on do most our talking in person. In the early days before we started getting know each other he winked at me and smiled. We look deep in eyes while talking. when he wasn't wearing his glasses his eyes were almost sparkling. He came up from behind me leaning bringing his face close greeting me. Another time he was helping me bench press he touched my hair while he was to go further down. I sent him a message the other day thanking him for the help in the gym & told him other things. He voice noted back right away thanking me and , complimenting me and that he'll talk to me soon in a couple weeks. His voice sounds softer when he talks. We're on a lockdown now won't see each other for a while.
Is this he attracted to me or what?
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