In it for the right reasons?

I'm definitely overthinking this, but I literally need to know. Is this guy actually into me, or is he just a good flirt?
He's definitely been noticing me, but he's also popular, good-looking and gets a lot of respect and admiration from people. I'm a bit concerned that he just might be after collecting girls. He's been treating me very nicely, being emotional, adapting to me, respecting my boundaries, but it took him some time. It's not like we're dating - when we got to know each other, he seemed super direct about everything, and it seemed weird to me. He was blushing, leaning forward while staring and smiling, teasing me, being super flirty, masculine, observing me and all of that - right away. It felt too cocky to me, so I ignored it.

Now, he's become more of a softie and it makes it easier for me to communicate with him. I do notice his efforts - making similar jokes, saying similar words, still smiling and laughing a lot. I'm just wondering what is beneath his kinder appearance now. Is he actually a kind person who's into me for the right reasons, or just a grown man who is excited about a young woman?
I'm not really clear if his behaviour is superficial or endearing: he clearly stalks my social media sites and showed me a view looking from the window, which he liked. It was a very similar view to one of the pictures I had posted online, and he made a big gesture of obviously taking a similar picture, as if he was saying "look at me, I have the same kind of interest as you". It's so direct and obvious the way he does it, I wonder if he wants me to think we have the same interests, or if he wants me to know he's been looking at my social media.

Either way, I can't ask him about his intentions really because that would be weird right now. I'm not entirely clear on whether I can let myself be emotionally vulnerable with him. I've been doing that more lately, but I'm a bit concerned sometimes, knowing that he's adored amongst women of all ages.
In it for the right reasons?
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