Do you think she was flirting?

So my parents neighbor, used to be my neighbor I moved out a couple years ago. She has known me for a long time, I always sort of had a crush on her but nothing ever close to even flirting happened. So anyway, this weekend Halloween I went over to my parents and a lot of people were around just hanging out, she was just different toward me and was touching me playfully like all night she was nearby. I even went inside to make a drink and she comes like a minute after and was just talking and like joking with me encouraging me to pour more whiskey in my drink. Then I set down the bottle and was going to walk out and she asks me to pour her one... that's where I was really like alright there's something up, I literally stopped and it was like a way of her keeping me there and having me do it for her. I don't know I don't usually get nervous or unsure when I get flirted with but I guess just because I've known her and her kid for a while (she's divorced), and I've never gotten that kind of attention from someone that much older than me. Do you think it was just her being a little looser because of drinks and also trying to catch up since I haven't seen them or is it something more there? I guess I'm just unsure how to handle this one. I am going to be seeing her and a lot of other friends and family again soon and I felt like people were kind of eyeing me when she was near. Maybe just in my head but I do think so lol
Do you think she was flirting?
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