I think my crush tried to ask me out and I blew it?

We are coworkers with obvious attraction to each other. This happened recently after not being able to see each other.
First, he brought up a guy who had/has a crush on me, and teased me about him through out the day. He said he would go to this dude and pretend to be my brother and tell him to leave me alone or send another mutual friend to pretend to be my boyfriend.
He kept complimenting me about lots of stuff and apologized for how the other guys treat me sometimes.
Then he teased me about another guy who said hi to me, telling me him and I would make a cute couple. A few minutes later, while I was scrolling through Instagram, he saw a girl and touched my phone to see her profile, saying, "wait... who's that... aww, she's cute. NAH JUST KIDDING! SHE'S UGLY. haha"
We then talked about "Fluffy" the comedian and he said, "Oh yeah, comedy shows are fun... They make great first dates" He then continued the conversation about first dates, asking if I'd rather go ice skating or rollerblading, that he likes active dates, etc.
We then talked about how I really want to go to Knotts Scary Farm, and he went on and on about it. Then he said, "yeah... we could go... (then almost under breath) I'll hit mutual friend up" Then told me I could take my sister if I wanted. He asked me if it would be a problem being out at 2 a. m. and I said, no but I'd probably go with someone. He said he could give me a ride and I offered to pay for gas.
He brought up dates again later that night, and I said I just don't want to date right now, but not directing anything at him. I just stated my feelings. Then he replied, "yeah, cuz you're busy with school n stuff" And after that he got kinda distant.
This was in July and he still hasn't been the same. If anything, he only wants to talk about work now. Was he trying to ask me out?
I think my crush tried to ask me out and I blew it?
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