Why is this girl who has been showing interest so difficult to meet up with?

Basically I (24M) met this girl (23F) over a month ago on a dating app. we went on a date and it was a difficult to get it out of her, however it seemed like she was just shy around me. Then she found out she needed back surgery that left her bedridden for 3 weeks. During then I still texted and flirted with her 3-4 times a week and I even left her flowers at her door (she was extremely into it.) Her back eventually got better and we went on a quick lunch date, that one was also difficult to get out of her. she told me she wanted to hang out at my place this week at the end of the date and I said that works. I texted her on Tuesday if she wanted to come on Friday and we were in the middle of figuring out plans when she reminded me that she is allergic to dogs (I have a dog.) I told her I would clean the place really well and he would just hang out in my roommates room. then she stopped messaging for the night. Eventually I texted the next day asking what was up and she sent me this super long text on how she was busy from having to catch up on 3 weeks of work but never answered my question about Friday.

this is a perfectly fine excuse, I understand things get crazy, but I just don't understand why she can't give me a straight answer. Every date we went on has just been super difficult for her to get on, but when we hang out it goes great. Like I don't know, its really getting on my nerves and want to give up, but want to see what everyone else thinks? Am I overthinking or wasting my time?
Why is this girl who has been showing interest so difficult to meet up with?
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