I need help is she interested or not?

So me and this girl have been talking for a year roughly speaking and you know it was on and off but recently we've gotten closer and she was in a way obsessed with me but then it was like she took a step back from all of it, background info on this is that her friends always say we look cute together and say "omg that relationship could actually happen"
Bare in mind that her closest boy best friends are my best mates and I'm the closest to her friends as they don't really like anyone else in my friend group!
And then one of her friends said she used to like me!

Any help would be appreciated I don't want to invest my time into something that won't last.
Thanks Colm
1 y
I forgot to add that over text it's us on Snapchat video snapping eachother and we are both very comfortable over text
I need help is she interested or not?
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