Have I talked her right out of liking me romantically?

been friends with her for years but she started acting differently towards me. In a group, she always wanted to be around me, talked about me to others, highlighted my positive traits, kept asking me questions, went into deep conversations with me, made sexual jokes, interrupted conversations i was having with others so she could talk to me, laughed at all my jokes, walked close to me with her arms touching mine. And I never noticed any of this.

Then months later, when I noticed and started liking her too, I started texting too much, making plans to see her alone too much without ever asking her on a proper date, highlighted my negative traits, was too agreeable and became her therapist by asking her questions and listening to all her problems.

She rarely texts me first, never initiates plans, she’s nervous and I can’t have moments of prolonged eye contact with her anymore. We just see each other once a week and I always make the plans.
Yes you have - you’ve been friend zoned
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No you haven’t - just ask her out on a proper date
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Have I talked her right out of liking me romantically?
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