Should I follow him on Instagram?

I met him at work (I was working, he was a customer). He flirted with me, gave me his number (playfully) but I wasn't able to write it down. Due to the nature of my work, I saw him 2 days in a row - first day was for an hour, second day was for 8 hours. He made an effort to talk to me, asked me about my shifts, made playful comments, stared and looked me up and down a lot, and asked my coworker my name (which he continued to use). We obviously weren't alone, lots of people around, making it difficult to exactly talk much. End of my shift I had to leave without saying anything.

Anyways, I tried to find him on social media - near impossible. Doesn't have Facebook. I ended up doing some extensive digging, basically found him through one of his friend's accounts who I am not friends with, as this friend was also a customer. I noticed the friend's full name through my work (it was publicly displayed I didn't do any extra snooping in that sense). I should make it clear I don' know the friend at all, only spoke to him briefly professionally, but his name for some reason stuck out on the display. I feel icky about essentially using my position to find him? Also if I followed him on Instagram, I wouldn't know what to say if he asked how I found him.

I don't want to regret not knowing what "could've been," but regardless, the only way I was able to find him was through being "creepy" as hell in my opinion. I should mention he's at least 5 years older than me if not more.

Really just looking for feedback on how you would react to something like this? I know I shouldn't follow him but it's so darn tempting.
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Would you not find it creepy if a girl you encountered who was working used your friend's full name to find his open profile, crept through it to find you, and followed you? Keep in mind she doesn't know you except for a few brief flirty conversations.
Should I follow him on Instagram?
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