Can y'all help me with my flirting game?

So I think that I'm not completely terrible at flirting but I often freeze up (in particular when I'm talking to someone I actually like). In person, I kinda squeal and shutdown (I'm really not used to male attention and I was raised VERY conservatively). I'm not completely without game, I can charm the shoes off someone just not in a flirtatious way. More like, she cute.
The more I practice in my head the better I am out loud. Anybody got tips, pick-lines, or wanna practice with me. That would be great! Need me to pick up some boyzzzz
1 y
Y'all, I get it. Be yourself. Use your body. Sure. But I wanna be Mrs. Steal-Yo-Man good.
Can y'all help me with my flirting game?
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