Why did he do this and how can I stop and control my current feelings about what happened?

long story short 2 months ago I ran into this person (Lucas) I used to be friends with, we had a fall out, haven’t been friends for a long time. That day he was with his friend (Korbin), just a quick drive but Korbin apparently was interested in me, we hadn’t met he said I was super cute. Lucas gave Korbin my info, Korbin texted me. it’s not me to text a guy I never met, that was off for me. I was super cautious, questioning whether it was a joke. A week goes by and he is super sweet, called me his “future girl”, talking to me about taking me on a date, asking if it would be okay if he hugs me, said he would love to ft. Opened up to me about struggles says he doesn’t tell Lucas about them bc he teases, I told him I would be there to support him, he said the same if I needed anything. I say that me and his best friend Lucas kinda hate each other, he totally understood. He says he wants to meet in person, I agree we talk about a picnic in park for the afternoon. I ask him what time he wants to go, doesn’t answer. doesn’t answer me the rest of the day and week. I get a text a week later, he says he was busy and wasn’t on his phone. I know its lie bc he is an influencer, tiktok famous and posted on there, posted on Insta, that was a lie. I brush it off say it’s no big deal, we begin again where we left off. This time it lasts 3 days, asked me to get snap and so I did, he sent me 2 day worth of streaks and stopped. hasn’t talked to me since and I don't know what the point to all that was. I would like to know. That was 2 months ago I was over it after three weeks, hurt, then fine after time. Recently I feel angry about it, it’s been over a month since I thought about him and I’m feeling mad at him, to the point that I want to make him feel bad about it, I’m not the kind to do that. please help! Why he did that and how I can stop feeling the way I do, I was fine.
Why did he do this and how can I stop and control my current feelings about what happened?
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