Is my guy friend jealous or trying to protect me?

My guy friend, lets call him Kyle, has recently been coming over for help with homework. We have known each other since we were kids, but have recently reconnected due to college classes together. Although were not super close, our conversations are usually pretty open and consist of deeper topics such as relationships. However, when I mention this one guy friend of mine, Jason, he catches an attitude and warns me he's a bad guy. He doesn’t seem too bothered by other guys i talk about, an occasional scoff here and there (probably tired of hearing about it) but this dude really rubs him the wrong way. Kyle is a pretty stand up person who hardly speaks badly of
others making this situation concerning for me.

Recently Kyle mentioned how Jason is trouble, but went as far as to bring up Jasons fancy car and arrogance in the process... yet Kyle has never even spoken to Jason before? Alongside a few eye rolls here and there. All he has told me is that he’s heard some things about Jason, stuff he won’t go into detail about.

I really like spending time with Jason, seeing as he is the only real guy friend i have in my life at the moment. But i trust Kyles opinion and am unsure of what to do with such little information. Is Kyle jealous or just being overprotective? A part of me wants to believe he has my best interests but I’m not completely sure.
Is my guy friend jealous or trying to protect me?
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