How do I ask a much older cashier out?

So... there is this cashier at my local store. I usually go there all the time and buy some things before I clock into work since I never really eat the food they serve at my job. I always go onto this guys lane at the register since he's always kind and sweet, and I've think to have developed feelings for him. BUT, the only problem is, is that he is extremely kind to his customers so maybe I shouldn't take it as "him wanting to take it to the next level", and he is also quite old in comparison to me, he looks like he is around his 40s-50s... so I'm kind of at a weird point.
But yesterday, he asked about what boba was and if it was good, since I had the drink in my hand. He also asked what flavor he should try. Ever since I've been showing up we've been having small talk about our favorite subjects and he has gotten to know me better and the same goes on my part. I always try going whenever he works that day. He honestly makes my day so much better before I clock into work.

But the real question that stands... is how on earth should I ask him out?
How do I ask a much older cashier out?
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