I have to have him?

This guy and I have gotten to talk a good amount of times. He’s initiated conversation both times. And one of the times we talked for over an hour and asked each other questions and made each other laugh and he told me he’d see me the next work day.

I’m leaving the job in 2 days to go back to college. Just a few days ago we were alone and got to talk again. I randomly said my back hurt and he was like “probably cause you’re so young”. I’m 19 years old and he’s 20 and I thought he was joking with me but he looked serious when he said it. Our last conversation he asked when I turned 20 and said 19 was pretty young

I was thinking of asking for his number or Snapchat or something. We also had to work together and he offered to help me and we talked some more. There was another girl there and she forgot her mask and he laughed and she said she was tired and he laughed again and was like “you’re tired”. I don’t really see her as an issue lol she’s not all that pretty but I think she’s nice and she has a boyfriend I think. When it was time for me to leave I told him bye and he was like “you’re leaving already?” And I said yeah and left.

Like I said I’ve got 2 days. Why did he joke with me about my age? I’m interested in him but want to know what stuff means before I go further. I’m gonna see him tomorrow. How do I pull him aside in front of everyone? And how would I go about asking him? I’m very very shy. some people said give him mine and others said ask for his
I have to have him?
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