Why won’t he just admit this to me?

There was this guy from work. He talked to me on my first day and we’ve had convos in between then and now. Last week he teased me about my age even though we’re 1 year apart. He initiated and one time we got out next to each other and talked for over an hour. It just flowed. I recently left the job and everyone loved me and the guy and his mom were upset that I had to leave. On the last day I asked for his Snapchat and he gave it to me and when I had to leave he kept telling me bye and told me to add him.

When I got home we started talking because I texted him it was fun working with him and he told me he was going to miss seeing me every morning and to have fun in college. A conversation sparked from there. We’ve talked about drinking and smoking and he asked about one of my experiences and he told me he wants to find a better job and focus on soccer. we were talking about food and he sends me long paragraphs with lots of emojis. I think we’re definitely vibing. Last night I told him someone in high school said I was cute but that I didn’t have a butt. He answered this am and was like “really? At least he said you were cute but you don’t need an *** to look good. That guy probably wanted a girl with big boobs and a big butt. And I’m not about that, it’s about personality for me. And good morning 😂”. All day we’ve been talking about the kind of guys/girls each other likes. He says he dosent care about looks and he told me about his ex and how she was toxic and he blocked her. Then he says he can barely go up to a girl because he gets nervous and every time he does, he blushes. Then he was like “in high school I attract to black girls for some reason 👀” but he likes all kinds. lol I’m a black girl.
he also says when he dosent like someone he’s dry and won’t even talk to them. We’ve been sending each other long paragraphs about this all day but we’ve been dancing around the obvious. Does he like me or not? Is he trying to feel me out?
Why won’t he just admit this to me?
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