Am I flirting too much?

There’s this guy who I met over winter break. I came home from college to get a job and to spend the holidays with my family.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I met this guy who talked to me my first day. We’re one year apart and he would tease me about being so “young”. We also have been getting to know each other and our families. His mom loves me and I had my last day a few days ago to go back to college. They both seemed really upset and told me they didn’t want me to leave but I got his Snapchat and he told me to add him. We’ve been talking nonstop. I was sure he likes me because we’ve been vibing and he even told me when he dosent like a girl, he is dry or just tells her he wants to be friends and he’s been neither with me and has opened up. He told me he thinks i have a perfect body rn. He talked about his ex and how she was toxic. He tells me good morning and we talked about each other’s types. He said our conversation was good but he prefers calling or seeing the person. I then said I always wanna see pics of the guy when I like him but don’t wanna see him everyday. Then he said “yeah I probably won’t hang out all the time 👀. I probably won’t see you the next 2 weeks and I hate taking pics 💀” I asked if he meant seeing me specifically in the next 2 weeks or someone he likes in general and he said he meant in general and then he asked for my number! A couple of days later we still talk a lot and we’ve been flirting hard. We were talking about museums and art and he told me he wants to go to Europe with me one day and thinks it would be fun he kept sending this “☺️“ emoji.
then he said he wanted to do it this summer and was like “just me and you ughh that would be so nice ❤️“ today I told him I loved talking to him. he was like “ik me too” and he just wanted me to come back home already so he could see me. Now we’re back to normal conversation 😂 I loveee flirting with him but don’t want to look clingy. Should I initiate or wait for him?
Am I flirting too much?
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