What are the ingredients for true love? and can there be true love with out one of the ingredients?

like for example I know trust is one of them and understanding.

what are the rest?


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  • 1. Trust

    2. Communication = you talk problems out..and etc..

    3. Respect = you respect what others do not like , no name calling and etc..

    4. Awareness = being aware of problems, and aware of what bothers/hurts your partner

    5. Willingness = be willing to come half way on things, if you cannot come to an agreement on something..meet them half way on it.

    6. Independency = If you can't go somewhere with him, due to work and etc, then allow him to go on without you..and vice versa. Allow him to have fun without you, and you to have fun without him.

    Basically, its a 50/50. I you can keep everything 50/50,then you should be good.

    This includes BILLS! The guy should not have to pay for everything. Even if it's just dating. You pay, then he pays..and etc. Or at least try to pay...if you can't due to no money that's a different story. Also, remember: Relationships are GIVE and TAKE. Give some, take some! =)


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  • The only ingredient you need is the right person. What you mentioned consists of what you want to eat and the food can have different spices, but never different ingredients. I guess.

  • A series of neurochemical events in specific brain areas.

    • Oh don't bother with science and determinism around here, you'll be labeled a stupid atheist.

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