How to deal with getting attached too quickly?

My friend and I started flirting a few weeks ago all because I bit him and he bit me back. Honestly, I wasn’t trying to flirt after I apologized (he warned me numerous times about the consequences yet I didn’t listen). Sweet flirts turned into steamy flirts and I find myself always wanting to talk to him (he’s about 6 hours away, I can’t drive, we both work and my dad would kick my ass if he knew I wanted to spend a weekend up there). I asked him where this flirting will go and he said he’s more of an “in the moment” type person so we’ll see where this goes. It’s been established that when we do see each other again next month most likely, heavy foreplay will ensue (avoiding sex cause we don’t wanna). So far things are more leaning towards friends with benefits and I’m already getting attached. I don’t want to get attached so soon like I have in the past because I can get a bit clingy. Advice?
How to deal with getting attached too quickly?
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