Flirting or wants to hook up?

This guy I have a crush on is showing interest?

So last week, he saw me without a mask a couple of times outside the cafe (they have glass panes so everything is visible). He started staring at me a lot. He would make lot of eye contact which I had no idea how to react to. So I usually either stared back or looked away.

He would constantly keep looking into my eyes lol. Then one time, I was getting popcorn and there were 3 guys on the tills, all free. This guy was on the last till. The moment I queued up to go to the guy in front of me, he started waving at me to come over.

Stupidly I went over to him instead of the one at the front.
He continued the staring and wished me good day.

Now this week, he's gotten really talkative. He did the hey how are you yesterday.

Today, he was there again and he and his team members were unpacking waterbottles etc.
I queued up to for placing an order and a girl was on the till. The moment I came over to the counter, he also came over next to his colleague at the till and was looking at me.

Stupidly, I waved at him and he asked me how I was and I asked him back. He said he was good and I went like good to hear he was doing good. I explained how I have to study etc and he was also like the situation outside is not good.

His colleague who was taking my order was listening but didn't talk.

I gave my order and went over to wait for my drink. He came over and stared again then gave me my drink and wished me have a good day , see you.
I did the same.

I met him again today and it was the pretty much the same situation. Normal greetings exchange and he did the usual, serving customers.

Then when he was giving me the hot drink, he held on to the cup and our hands touched. I'm fairly certain he did this intentionally as he was handing out the cups and leaving them on the counter. For me, he was at the end of the lane and held the cup until I took it from his hands. He's done it before as well.

He wished me again. What does he want?
Flirting or wants to hook up?
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