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Why did she stop flirting with me?

Im a bi girl and i really started to like a colleague. She just broke up with her boyfriend. She has tattoos and tall. When I first got there she would always volunteer to help me find something or go in the back and help me. She would ask me how I was doing sweetly. Over time things started to change. There was one day where we were smiling at each other a lot and I went in the back and she followed me and stared at me and we were talking. She started rubbing her thighs and on the way out I was carrying something light and she stopped and held the door for me and we smiled at each other. that’s when I started seeing her different. she started acting weird after that day too. She would come around me a lot but wouldn’t talk to me first anymore. One day she was in charge and she told me to put some stuff away and I got upset. I went into the back to find her and she was coming out the bathroom and I caught her as the door swung open and irritably told her I didn’t know what she needed me to do. She ignored me and then went on the floor and showed me what to do. I honestly wanted to cry. She let me go home early and as I was leaving she came up next to me and told me bye in a nice way. A few weeks later I look up from across the store and I catch her staring at me. I turned behind me and there was nothing and when I looked back at her she moved to a different area. When we’re alone in a room she dosent talk to me anymore but always comes close and looks like she wants to. There was another coworker who left who she would compliment but it was friendly and my crush told her she deserved employee of the month after the girl won. She might have voted for her. I hadn’t seen her in 3 weeks and she came in yesterday to buy something. She kept coming next to me but wouldn’t speak to me and stood nearby and told her mom how she met a girl friend in a dating app for friends. She talked for 45 minutes and stayed near me and the minute I left she left too. What’s all this mean?
Why did she stop flirting with me?
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