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Why does this guy act so weird?

I work with this nice guy. We’re both in college and I see him talk with some of the other coworkers sometimes. One time we were talking and he came up to me and we talked about our colleges and career paths and he said he could see me being on tv because of the way I spoke. Also he noticed that I walked a certain way and when I called him out he was like “well most of the time I’m in the back” I notice he hangs around in my area most of the time too. Last week he was hanging around in my area and I went in the back to get my stuff to leave. He came back there which was weird and we kinda had an awkward silence but I felt tension so I left. Yesterday when I came into work I saw him staring at me from across the store and staying in my line of sight. It was kinda hot lol because we kept making eye contact. He had to come near me to work and he kept playing with his hair the whole time it was to the point where it was over the top. When we had breaks and there weren’t customers he came really really close to me and I noticed he was kind of flushed. He kept playing with his hair. We have this other coworker who’s a girl and I think he’s pretty close to but I don't know I honestly felt something when we were standing so close but is there something there on his end?
Why does this guy act so weird?
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