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How do I get over this?

I know this is going to sound weird. I’ve been working at Safeway as a cashier for 3 months now. Since I started working there I’ve noticed that the assistant manager would flirt with me. He is 35 and I am 21. He looks younger than 35 though. I didn't think anything of it at first. Until people, I told said, “He must like you.” He would always play around with me and sometimes even give me compliments. I didn't care because I didn't find him attractive. But, lately, he hasn't been flirting or barely speaking to me, unless of course, it's work-related. For some reason, now, my feelings are hurt. I know it's more than likely because he's found someone else. I don't know why my feelings are hurt, I didn't find him attractive. It's hard for me to work now, so I want to know how could I get over this?
How do I get over this?
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