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Anyone mind analyzing my texts with this girl? She's super confusing? Does she like me?

I'm a young-at-heart 27 year old in town for another year getting my degree late. I work in a restaurant with a girl who I'm into, despite an age gap. She is 19. She flirts with me, touches me, etc. semi-frequently at work and we always joke around. She has admitted to flirting with me before (her own word "flirt"). She said she's talking to another guy, surprising me since many people have made comments to me about our sexual tension. Do you think I still have a chance? Why did she say "let me think" if she wasn't considering it? Here's our exchange today:

She has a snapchat story of her saying to the camera: "This is a PSA: I like taking pictures of hot people. So if you're hot, hit me up". I message her:
Me: Hi I'm hot
ME: I don't know if it would work out though I charge a steep price
HER: Oh really?
ME: I usually charge $1000 for a modeling session but if you went on a date with me it might be free (thinking emoji)
HER: oh my (hands in face monkey emoji) have to think
ME: I don't usualy offer such discounts
It may be your only chance
HER: If only I wasn't talking to someone right now...
ME: Ok that's fine.
If it doesn't work out, I think you're really cool and I'd love to get to know you better
HER: (Heart emoji) (puppyface eyes emoji)
ME: It's alright lol
You're hard to figure out though I gotta say
HER: Why?
ME: I don't know I thought you seemed like you were into me lol
HER: I'm sorry :(
ME: I take it you're just not interested. It's all good.
HER: I don't know what me and this guy are but we're something
ME: That's good I'm happy for you
Hopefully he's not like the last one lol (she dated an abusive dick)
If you ever wanna hang out as friends just lmk, I care about you and I'd enoy spending time with you regardless of circumstances
Not many people give a shit how I'm doing at work but you do and I appreciate that :)
Her: I care about you too & we can definitely hang out (3 heart emojis)
Me: Ok hope you have a good rest of your day :)
Anyone mind analyzing my texts with this girl? She's super confusing? Does she like me?
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