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Following a guy, you just met, first on Instagram?

Hi, I'm a senior at highschool [17F, almost 18]. There is this guy [18 or 19M] I just met at a friends birthday. We are both really good with a mutual friend that celebrated birthday. Through the whole evening we talked (mostly in group setting) and exchanged glances. I'm scared that I'm romanticizing these situations but at more than one occasion I think that I caught him staring. Furthermore, at one point there were a lot of people outside but I went inside to hang out with a few of other friends and we started playing cards, a few moments later he also comes in sits right across me (even there were others spots) and asks to join us (it was just me and another girls that were playing). Through the game we also exchanged glances and he kept teasing me. Later on, we were all outside and, out of the blue, he offered me his seat and insisted that I take it.

Am I just imagining it, or could he be attracted to me? I thought of following him on Instagram, but I don't know if that would seem creepy or weird, especially since I'm younger than him and we just met.

I'm never been in any kind of relationship and this is the first time that I am really attracted to someone that I actually kinda now so all of this is really new for me. Do you have any kind of advice? Thanks in advance for all answers.
Following a guy, you just met, first on Instagram?
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