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Is she being flirty or friendly?

Long story short this girl;

- Sits next to me in class even though there are open seats elsewhere (multiple times)
- Asked me out of everyone in the class to help her out with stuff
- Has texted me first a few times
- Will reply sometimes after midnight
- she keeps the convo going when it starts to die off unless I end it
- Uses a lot of and “Haha” reactions to everything I say
- Banters with me (like if I flirty tease her she plays along)
- told me I should go to her performance this weekend
- I’ll hit her with the wink emoji and she hasn’t shyed away yet

I’m just not sure if she’s being friendly since I’m helping her sometimes with stuff or if she ask for help as an excuse to talk to me (she’s a little shy). Thoughts? Trying to gauge this before I make a move
Is she being flirty or friendly?
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