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Weird situation with a woman?

We met sometimes around other people some days she would stare at me and some days she would ignore but she always laughs at my jokes.
one day she saw me and she said that I need spanking for messing up something
I didn’t really talk much
few days later she repeated the joke and I laughed she said she was kinda concerned when I didn’t laugh the first time because she thought that I didn’t get her joke
i wasn’t sure if spanking was an innocent joke or not
but she kept talking about her body and breast right in front of me
then when we were alone she kinda made it clear that the spanking joke was sexual I tried to keep my distance since we don’t know each other well. I was trying to fix something and she came next to me having her whole body on me fixing it with me. She even went as far as saying that she likes my type. I was tired and by mistake I looked at her breast while I was thinking I caught myself and looked away but she smirked at me.
She already has a boyfriend that she talks about too.
is she being a tease or what?
Weird situation with a woman?
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