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How do I get to know her all over again?

Everytime I make a friend it always starts of well then we stop talking. With this girl she started talking to me almost everyday and asking how I was doing really nicely. She told me about her background and would always volunteer to help me around the workplace. We’re both girls and we’re pretty close at first and one day we had a huge sale at work and I went into the back because I was overwhelmed. She came back there and angled me and stared at me and I honestly felt a super weird vibe. Honestly I felt like there could have been some tension because she was staring at me and there were moments of silence. Also she stepped on something accidentally and stretched her legs out and started rubbing her hands up her inner thighs while we were there. She was opening doors for me even when she was carrying something heavier than I was. There was a lot of smiling and she always makes eye contact with me. After that day she literally stopped talking to me. She does give me vibes where she could be possibly bisexual because she had a boyfriend. She told a coworker when I was near that she dumped him. But she is tall and played softball and has a lot of tattoos which I know dosen’t mean anything. After she literally stopped coming up and talking to me snd asking how I was doing. But she would always come near me and always stare me down!! Once she was put in charge and asked me to do something and I caught an attitude. She ignored me and then later told me I could go home because there were too many people. When I was leaving she told me bye. When we’re in a room completely by ourselves you can hear a pin drop. I feel tension. One time I said under my breath how awkward it was and she looked up but didn’t say anything. She still helps me and when she does she’ll be like “what’s up?”. I caught her staring at me from across the store and I caught her and she moved. I barely see her at work anymore. I never give her signs that I’m into her. Why does she do this?
How do I get to know her all over again?
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