How do guys think of girls when they cry?

Is it something a guy would rather not know about? Is it something that would make the guy want to hug her or like what? Also, when a girl expresses her opinion but doesn't yell at people or tell em off, there for causing them to get walked all over by others that are mean at times, how does that make a guy feel. Does he see that as a poor quality in the girl? A good quality?


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  • Guys are protective of their girls, whether it be a friend, sister, girlfriend, mom, granny. Guys are not allowed to cry in front of girls or mention crying or even refer to songs that mention crying (unless, like Guns 'n Roses' "Don't Cry" the song is specifically about a woman crying or, of course, not crying). That's why we'll never watch "Rudy" with you.

    Girls, however, don't carry that burden. Men are more sympathetic to weakness in women than women are to weakness in men. Not that crying is weakness, but being down, sad, scared are much more acceptable for a woman than a man. If you're upset, then your guy friends will want to comfort you.

    As to being walked on by others, that would make your guy friends angry (unless they're the ones doing it, then they're just jerks) and, if it's a guy, likely to fight. If it's a girl attacking you, likely to stick up for you. The catch is that we are also, when you tell us about something that happened earlier, likely to tell you what to do, how to handle it.

    • On the flip side, as long as a guy doesn't cry over every little thing, I don't mind seeing a guy show his sensitive side on occasion. It lets me know he DOES have a sensitive side. There is a time/place for strong emotion.

      Just my two cents worth.

    • I agree with that, though I would add that it is appropriate once the relationship has a firm foundation. Everyone admires people who can handle difficult circumstances without breaking down, but we also know everyone is human and feels pain.

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  • Actually this terrified me. I asked a similar question as to what should we do, and the overall consensus was that we should hug girls and just be there for them when they cry. I'm yet to try this out, but hopefully this won't terrify me in future.

    Does this make me think any less of the girl when they cry or express an opinion? Hell no! It's normal, and it shows me that there is a real person underneath that terrifying exterior (I'm shy, and I freely admit it).

    Do I see it as a poor quality in a girl who tells people where to get off when they've been rude? Again, no. However, if she's the one being rude and walking all over people, I do see that as a poor quality.

  • Dean summed it up very well below. I think most, if not all, guys are very protective of women, and feel even more so when they see a woman cry. We certainly don't think lesser of them for it. That's when the hug thing comes in. Speaking for myself, it just tears at your heart when a woman cries! Definitely a good quality for a girl to have!

  • Pretty much what DeanW said. We don't think any less of you by any means!


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