Why do women not give poor men a chance? No matter how great they are?

I mean sure poor women shouldn't go for poor men considering it wouldn't help the cause, but what's with average money making women and rich women not wanting to give poor men a chance at all? No matter how great and hard working they are. Not lazy like other poor men but willing to work hard. Because rich guys and average guys don't really care how poor a girl is. They look past that. Sure men have been prehistorically seen as the "providers" but in today's society where even women make money to provide for the family, why does money in the opposite gender matter so much to women? I'm not poor at all but I'm just curious. This is why you see tons of poor men homeless and hardly any women homeless.

I'm not saying women should go for every broke guy coming their way but the rich or good money making women should give the nice ones a chance. Some are just too unlucky to avoid being poor, no matter how hard they try.

Lol I don't know who gave this question a 1 star. How can this question offend anyone enough to give it a 1 star out of 5. It was my curiosity that led me to ask this question.


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  • I have no idea why most women behave like this. I wish I had an answer for you. Most women are scum. And do you know why? Becuase women are the biggest manipulators and don't tell things straight how it is. They like to play games and beat around the bush forever. If women were up front about things like this then they would get over their egos a lot faster. Because if they directly said to a guy: "Sorry you don't make enough money so you can be hot and hard working but you won't have a chance to date me let alone marry me" A LOT of men would tell these bitches to go screw themselves and maybe they'd wake up and realize that love is about how you connect with a person on levels outside of how much money they have in their wallet.

    Poor guys should focus on looking pulled together and having an education. Because in the end, at least in my opinion, that's the wealthiest type of man out there and a definite winner in my book!

    • Here here!

    • If I met a girl like you or even you in real life, I'd instantly fall in love!

    • There's no way you're a woman lol no woman I know would've said this.

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  • it's really inconvenient. I understand that a poor guy might feel left out, but for me if I can find a way to make it and bring in money, I want a man who can do the same. Rich and average guys you claim may be able to look past it, but I just am not willing to. If the guy is "too unlucky" then tell me why I would want bad luck around me? I'm too busy trying to get my ducks in a row, I don't have time to take a charity case on a guy who's not willing to do the same for himself.

  • Because we're not always in the moment, and we're practical and we get attached to guys emotionally so that if he's suddenly gone tomorrow it can hurt. A guy who is poor is not always the best company, I know this from experience. Some don't eat well, some are unhappy because they're always worried about money, and too busy trying to do something about it than invest time in a girl. Some are relaxed and happy, don't care if they don't have the things other people do, and are good company. But ask yourself honestly why women wouldn't marry him, even one who had money and a good job --- part of the reason is security and investment, I mean what if she suddenly goes broke for whatever reason, or suffers a severe car accident and can't take care of their kids, then what?

    • Men have the same fear too. Everyone does. What if men go broke for whatever reason and might not be his fault, or suffer a severe car accident. After this, almost every woman just resorts to divorcing him by taking half his money, the house, and the kids. Making his life even worse.

      Not to be mean or anything, but most of the time it just seems like most women look for thousands of excuses to be shallow. Rather than admitting to be one.

  • there is more to a guy and relationships than just how "nice" he is. rich guys don't care how poor a woman is if she's hot. that is because men value beauty more and women value a man who can provide more.

    women do make money to provide for families but we are still women. if she gets pregnant by the poor guy she won't be able to work. the only women I know who work hard 8-9 months into the pregnancy are poor women who have no choice, its either work or starve. if a woman has the choice she's gonna prefer a man who can take care of the family and provide for them. if she's pregnant, just had a baby and taking care of young children she's in a vulnerable situation and can't "work just like a man".

    also most people socialize with their own social circle. your average rich woman probably wouldn't even meet a poor man since they most likely work, go to school and play in completely different places. most people are segregated socioeconomically and therefore mainly have contact with those who are more like them. rich people hang out together, poor people hang out together. that's how it is so its unlikely that a poor guy would date anyone other than a poor girl. and if money truly doesn't matter, why is this a problem? why can't poor men date poor women and be happy?

    also I've dated poor guys before and lemme tell ya, not having money to go on dates, only going out once in a blue moon and always hearing excuses of why we couldn't do this...having to drive him around, pay for HIS sh*t was very annoying...i'd rather go for a man that I don't have to do that with. a lot of poor guys want to mooch off women. it's funny how women get labeled gold diggers when there are just as many gold digging men.

  • "I mean sure poor women shouldn't go for poor men considering it wouldn't help the cause" What are you talking about? Two poor people can have a great time together. They start from nothing, and can work to build something together.


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  • Women MUST "respect" a man in order to be even marginally happy. Men being "providers" goes back to the dawn of time with humans in caves. Man with warmest, nicest cave = Man who gets the Woman.
    If you are a Man and have little or no money, you have 3 choices: Masturbate (no costs and unrestricted fantasies), Have Gay Sex (free 7 super easy -- just go to a gay bar and you can instantly hook up), Celibate, or Hire a Hooker (so long as you have the money to pay her, she doesn't care what you do for a living, what car you drive, or where you live). Men without money have NO GAME WHATSOEVER. So, if you are financially broke, just face the music and accept that you'll NEVER get a decent looking Woman.

  • Every broke ass I know has some girl that's too good for him letting him mooch off her.

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