I feel so betrayed. 4 years, still a liar.....What must I do? Please help.

- - I Was raped-Later fell in love with a guy ... told him didn't want a physical relation before marriage because of the past and due to religious reasons.

- -When the guy first asked me out I also made it very clear that I did not like people who drink either ... he said he didn't care to drink

- -I also told him that we came from diff cultures and the diff in our values will cause conflict down the road. I told him I was not looking to date but was looking for a future husband and if he didn't see all that in me then it would be a waste of time.

- -the guy said he didn't care about any of it and was going to convert because he loved me and wanted to spend his life with me.

- -as time passed a month down the relation he started forcing me to be physical... I refused...I caught him flirting and cheating with other women multiple times…. He said he was sorry and I took him back. every time I caught him I told him he obviously does not want to be with me and that’s why he is dong all of this. He said it was his stupidity and nothing else. I kept taking him back and acted like nothing ever happened. Later when I moved to another city for school I found out he slept with a girl and was lying to me about drinking and clubbing and talking to other women.We broke up Before he slept with the girl I forgave him multiple times but it just kept on happening and happening again.6 months later that girl cheated on him…. He came back to me and told me that it was only a physical relationship with her and that he only loved me.I took him back but I told him THAT I DIDN’T TRUST HIM SINCE HE BROKE MY TRUST SO MANY TIMES AND IF HE WANTS TO BE WITH ME THEN HE WOULD HAVE TO LIVE UP TO EVERYTHING HE PROMISED OR NOT BE WITH ME.I TOLD HIM I DIDN’T WANT HIM TO TALK TO ANY WOMEN AND I DIDN’T WANT HIM TO DRINK AT ALL.HE AGREED I was still in a diff city… he kept on lying to be and I kept on finding out that he was talking to other girls and going to clubs… I busted him planning a trip to go clubbing and partying for spring break weekend. I broke up with him… a month later he begged and pleaded me to take him back. Now 8 months late I caught him talking to a girl and caught him drinking and lying to me about it.

- -He constantly betrayed my trust.I had given him an ultimatum if he wants me in his life he would have to give up everything he does.He says I am a control freak… every time It came to working on the relation ship he said he wanted to but didn’t have time because of his school and how he has to devote all the time he has to study. Now throughout the 8 months I didn’t dig to find out if he was talking to girls or not but the fact that he lied to me and still continues to do that tells me that he doesn’t really care about my feelings nor cares to fix this relation and earn my trust the hard way.I did everything for this guy from cooking to cleaning to doing his homework. I always put him before me and my wishes I feel so betrayed and I am hurt on a lot
I feel so betrayed. 4 years, still a liar.....What must I do? Please help.
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