Wondering if this would come off as too pushy?

So me and my ex have been talking again recently and this weekend she was in town. I took her out for dinner on the beach and we had a really good time flirting at times and talking about good things from our relationship. She even expressed that she wanted to continue talking and seeing me whenever were in the same town and seeing where things go (I'm home from school for the summer so I will be back in the same town in about a month). My question however is about something else that happened and I know it's kinda stupid. There was a gentleman selling roses and she playfully asked why I wouldn't buy her one I had no cash on me but made a joke asking if he took credit card we had a laugh and went on with our night. I was thinking about ordering her a single rose and having it sent to her but I didn't know if that would come off in a weird way since we aren't dating and still don't see much of each other right now. I was hoping I could get your input and whether you ladies would think that was too pushy since it was partly a joke or not.
Wondering if this would come off as too pushy?
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