I'm so confused about these two sweet girls

In May, I made out with one of my really cute neighbors. We really hit it off, but she left for the summer like three days later, and should be back mid August. We both agreed that we had no expectations because of the nature of how things happened and that she would be gone all summer. Well, I decided it was best that I should date around, since I had just got out of a three year relationship. Honestly, I feel kind of guilty for it. I started dating another girl, and we've been seeing each other for a while now. I'm having some pretty big doubts about her, and I'm not sure it should last much longer. My neighbor just emailed me asking where I was with respect to "us". I'm confused. I mean, I like to be as honest as possible with everyone, but do I tell her that I've been seeing someone, even if it may not last? What exactly should I say? Should I tell her that I look forward to her return, but think we should just try and get to know each other for awhile? I do like her and would like to date her, but I need to see where things go with this other girl. I absolutely hate breaking hearts, especially since mine was so brutally broken this year, but I know I'm going to have to make some decisions, and it's going to hurt someone.

Comments are much appreciated!
I'm so confused about these two sweet girls
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