Is she playing hard to get? What does it mean??

if you go out with a girl have a nice time, it wasn't exactly a date but she says she really likes you, later on she sends a pic of herself in black bra and knickers to your phone.

takes awhile to reply back to you messages, is she playing hard to get or what is she doing, I sent her a pic of a rose the next day and put for you, I would of sent a similar pic of me but I'm chubby, I don't think she would of liked that.

she replies saying thanks that's so sweet, I text her with a smile saying how are you? and I've not heard back.

what do you think?
+1 y
say its true, say she is being a tease, girls like that try to use their luck to get what they can out of the guy by being very flirty, like I offer to pay while we were out but she wanted to pay her equal part, she was sweet, kind, lovely girl, nothing was on show, so if she was being a tease or wanting the attention don't you think she would of done more while we were out
+1 y
why does she take me off Facebook and ignoring me now?
Is she playing hard to get? What does it mean??
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