Does she really have feelings for me?

This girl I like, she works with me. It seems like we go through periods of "yeah she likes me" and "no she doesn't" I'll text her and ask her if she wants to come hang out later in the week or ask her to the movies, and she always says yes, but when it comes time to go, a couple of days before she will cancel because she has to do something else. Some days are like that, but at the same time, she has opened up to me a couple of times and we've talked about personal things. Deep conversations had me convinced and her willingness to hang out made me think she liked me too till last week, when she was going to hang out at my apartment, but one of my roommates was not feeling well. I texted her and told her that he wasn't feeling good but that I would still love to hang out at the park with her. I waited to hear back, but never did. The next day I found out that she went to the park that night with a friend, but never told me she was down there. I don't really know what she wants. I really thought about telling her how I feel and just leave it up to her, but I can never get a single second alone with her. every time I tell her I need to talk to her, she is always busy or something. I know she is 17, and her age may play a factor, but I just don't know how. Does she have feelings for me? How would I best handle this situation?
Does she really have feelings for me?
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