How do guys feel about dating a model?

Is it something I shouldn't tell guys about? I've heard some guys will make assumptions about girls being stuck up or obsessed with themselves because they're models. Personally, I just feel like girls who look like me are not represented as beautiful in the media and our own men bash and degrade us. So I am determined to prove the silly idea to some that we are not beautiful. I've started modeling and I'd like to pursue a swimsuit modeling career. The money is great and it offers so many traveling opportunities. I dated a guy who said he wouldn't like it if I was a swimsuit model because guys would see my body and he would get pissed off if guys were talking about me. He said he would get really mad and feel the need to defend me. I think he just doesn't like the idea of some guy jerking off to my butt or something lol He was just really protective though like we were at the club together once and this guy was staring at my butt a lot while dancing with someone else and he stared him down saying he didn't like guys looking at my stuff. I was just wondering if other guys may feel that way? What would you think if she you started dating a swimsuit model? Would you have any preconceived thoughts or feelings about it?
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*determined to prove the idea wrong lol
How do guys feel about dating a model?
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