Wheres all this heading? Should I ask him?

So this guy I really like and he likes me too. he calls me every night and morning and texts a lot during the day and then he asked me out on a date and I went after that his been calling me a lot and we tell each other everything and if I'm going somewhere he asks where I'm going and who with and I do the same.

he asked me to talk to his brother the other day on the phone and his bro asked me if I'm looking after him and being good!

He hasn't mentioned anything about us being in a relationship and plus his going overseas for 4 weeks soon ! and he said he wants to see me again before that and he also asked his mate to check up on me while his gone !

where do you think all this is heading ? I want to ask him 'whats happening between us' but I'm too scared ...I'm CONFUSED!
Wheres all this heading? Should I ask him?
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