The Pushover Pushes Back?

I was an IDIOT and allowed myself to forget who I was and let my boyfriend treat me like crap. I even apologized for sneezing once! SO. He broke up with me twice and took me back (Thank god *eye roll*) This past month he was an a**hole and ignored me, and I found out yesterday that he was basically mercy killing us. Anyway. It happened YESTERDAY, and I was okay with it in the end. Yet all night he sent me a bagillion texts asking what I was doing and saying "If it makes you feel better, I'm crying right now."

It did.

So I've been standing up for myself every time he tried to blame me, and he yelled at me!

My question is, how can someone who is normally a bit strong get mad at someone who gives them their own game?

And how can I get him to realize that I'm not an idiot and he needs to gtfo?

And how do you feel when someone you've been bullying on stands up for once?
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Oh, and last night he also

1)asked if we could be really really close friends still. Like five minutes after all this.

2)asked if he could see me

3)asked me to the movies tomorrow.

Yeah noooo.
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Ex Boyfriend!
The Pushover Pushes Back?
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