I feel a little guilty about flirting?

OK, so I met this guy at the place I currently work. He's a very social person and I'm sort of shy (a bit low self esteem). Anyway in the beginning I thought he was just being friendly with me and all, but now I'm not so sure. We work at a supermarket, and we both handle groceries. He works as a bartender at night, so he starts his shift at our work by 11 am, and I 8 am, with that said when I'm busy unpacking stuff he might pop by and show me a trick, whisper my name from the corner to get me to notice him and say hi, make "fun of" my name by "recreating it", or yeah, you know, just flip some letters to make it sound funny, go tell me to look at a funny looking costumer (yes, a bit mean, and it was not really that funny, just a little^^*), and he's really not the easily distracted type, but when he notices that I look at him or when I pass him somehow he "messes up" , drops something asf. It's a bit amusing, but I feel bad because there is this other guy that I know likes me A LOT outside of work, he's never asked me to date him, but I know he wants me to make the first move (I just know, if I explain it takes too long), and I really like him too, and I feel guilty because I start to like this other guy I'm working with...what should I do?!

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The real deal is this: The guy I know like me is much older than me, say almost my mother's age (yeah). I find this difficult, because it somehow could fit into my life, but it quite doesn't. I have plans of getting a family and stuff, but I would basically alienate my family if I had my own with him. (My mom is very open, but the rest not so very). Then here comes this new guy, who happens to be my age, very easy going, with all the pros and cons that comes with it, trust and all...
I feel a little guilty about flirting?
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