How can I stop feeling so ugly?

This is directly mostly at girls, but anyway, how can I stop feeling so ugly? I'm not very attractive or good looking, as a matter of fact the only guy who's ever called me beautiful is my boyfriend, and even he admitted that what attracted him most about me was my personality. Which is good, but yeah, it leaves me feeling a bit ugly... all I want is to be beautiful, but I can't. And I know people say it's not important, but it is. Just look at our world today, look at the media, it's like a never ending beauty pageant. It's so unfair... but it is what it is. I know my strong points are that I'm smart, kind, funny, talented... but all those things don't seem to be important, because again, looks are more primal and even though we've evolved, it's still our instincts that drive us.

I know I have a good personality and I'm happy that I have a boyfriend who loves me for my inside (though I would like it more if he loved the outside just as much... I know for a fact he doesn't). But I still feel like an ugly loser... and I don't know how to feel otherwise. I'm just so down. And this is not weight related, I'm at my ideal weight, I'm just plain unattractive... which can happen, and for the record I've seen very beautiful overweight girls so again weight plays no part.
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I mean I've noticed how men usually treat hot girls better, even if they're bitches. This means that instincts beat reason... I've never been bitchy to any guy and still sometimes they don't treat me like they treat hot girls.
How can I stop feeling so ugly?
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